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  Innis Photography is a professional service that specializes in newborn baby photography. The service is run by Innis Fung, a female photographer who has a deep understanding of the various needs of newborn babies. Innis is also a mother, which gives her a unique perspective and allows her to approach her work with patience and attention to detail. She has been in practice since 2015 and has photographed over 500 babies to date.


  Innis has studied under two renowned photographers in the field of newborn and pregnancy photography: Jade Gao, one of the top ten newborn photographers in the world, and Ana Brandt, a well-known photographer who has photographed many famous children, including the daughter of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Innis's style is natural and gentle, with a focus on using natural light to capture beautiful and memorable moments of babies that can be cherished for a lifetime.


  Innis Photography recommends specific time frames for photographing babies at different stages of development. For newborns, the ideal time is between 5-12 days old when they are sleeping for long periods and can be easily posed. For babies who are four months old and can smile, seven months old and can sit, and one year old and can stand, the suggested time frames are appropriate for capturing those milestones.


  For newborn photography within the first 12 days, the results are especially cute, tiny, and precious. Many mothers face the challenge of wanting to capture this precious stage but are hindered by traditional practices such as confinement. To address this, Innis Photography offers an on-location service where a female photographer comes to the client's home and provides professional photography services, allowing both mother and baby to stay comfortable and safe.


  In conclusion, Innis Photography offers a high-quality and professional service that aims to capture precious moments of newborn babies in a natural and gentle way. With Innis's expertise and experience, clients can rest assured that their babies are in good hands.

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